Nelvis Velasquez, M.D.

Doctor of Ophthalmology

A Move of Opportunities
My parents brought me to this country when I was four years old. We came from Cuba as Legal residents before Fidel Castro took over. I was fortunate to have many opportunities. I obtained a full scholarship to attend Barnard College, then subsequently Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in New York City. While in medicalschool, in my third year, I did a rotation through different sub-specialties. My very first rotation was in ophthalmology. It was then that I saw Dr. DeVoe do a corneal transplant. My first thought was “I want to do that!” After a residence internship at the University of Miami, I returned to Columbia in New York for my ophthalmology residency and fellowship.

Learning Curve
No one in my family was a physician. I had no idea what was involved in being one! During a medical internship in Jackson, I got very frustrated over treating a lot of sick patients with high blood pressure and diabetes, and not feeling like I was making a difference in their results. In ophthalmology, you can change people’s Lives, even if they follow only part of your instructions. Cataracts can be removed and sight can be restored, and the results can be seen the next day! It’s a great way to change people’s lives. It is a perfect combination of daily patient care, surgery, and cutting-edge technology. I surely love every aspect of ophthalmology.

Team Player
I enjoy being a part of the LaHaye team a great deal! Everyone here has been friendly and welcoming. The state of art technology is fantastic. I feel like I’m part of a cohesive unit. I’m not sure if it’s the “LaHaye Way,” or if it’s just the area where we are in Louisiana, but I knew immediately after meeting Dr. LaHaye and his staff that I was sold! I knew this is where I wanted to be.

Special Recognition

  • M.D. from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, NY, NY

  • internship at Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami, Miami, FL

  • Residency in Ophthalmology at E.S. Harkness Eye Institute, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center Columbia University, NY, NY

  • Fellowship in Oculoplastics at E.S. Harkness Eye Institute, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center Columbia University, NY, NY

  • Member, American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • Licensed in Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii

  • Over 38 years of Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery Care

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